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Top 10 Sites for Cheap Flight

“Now everyone can fly”, the tagline of Airasia perhaps now applies almost everywhere. And to make it affordable, the jargon of “not just low cost” of Malindo should be important so that everyone could fly with affordable price. The question is then, how to find a cheap, low, or at least affordable flight price?

Here I give you a list of 10 sites that I usually use to search for a cheap flight.

1. Skyscanner

I just discovered this site few months ago and I found it amazing. What I like the most from this site is because it gives the range of time where the cheapest price is available. For instance, I want travel to Bali any day in June and return back to London anytime in August, and the scyscanner really can work for you. It will search the cheapest day for you to depart in June and cheapest day in August. So if you are a flexible-time traveler, you should try this one.

2. Momondo

Apart from showing the cheapest price and the airline of the day you choose, the site also shows you prices of each day in the month of you chosen departure or arrival. For instance you want to travel on August 25th and return on September 5th, the site will show you other days and it prices. Perhaps you would like to change your mind and choose to travel other day that is cheaper, you can just click the day and refresh the search. Other search options are also available at the website.

3. Kayak

This site was the first site that I used to use to compare the price. It was very simple and still it is. When you search the cheap flight with this website, you will also be given other sites with the results of price of the day you chose. I usually use this web just to find the average price and then I go to the web of airline to book the flight :).

4. STAtravel

This is a student search engine for a cheap flight. Where the other sites only show you the normal price, STAtravel provides the pricing for student, which most of the time is cheaper than normal price. When I was registered as a student, I used this site quite often. Another good thing is that you can directly purchase the ticker form here or go to their shop for a direct communication and payment with their staffs (I have not done this yet but my friend did 🙂

5. Cheapflight

The site also quite famous and it has some version based on your country of residence. You can choose the country as you prefer. The appearance is also quite similar like other sites. It has “from” and “to” options, date of departure and return. You can also book hotel from the web. An option for the travel tips is also available

6. Seatguru & tripadvisor

Seatguru is actually famous for the seat preference of the airline. The search for the cheap is done by tripadvisor. If you have a long flight and you want to know which seat is best for you, you should ask for seatguru. It gives you good advices. And you know that many airlines give us chance to book the seat online long before the departure date, so ask the guru.

7. Expedia

Expedia is not just a search engine for a cheap flight, but you can also book a hotel and plan your vacation with the web. It has a last minute booking option and you can buy the events ticket of your destination as well.

8. Orbitz

Apart from searching for a cheap airfare, you also can book a cheap hotel, rent a car and even plan for your vacation. The web appearance is just like the others, but the color is quite attractive 🙂

The following two sites are based in Indonesia and I found them very helpful

9. Utiket

This was the first cheap flight search engine that I know in Indonesia. It is very user friendly and can find almost all flight in the country. After finding your preference flight, it will direct you to the travel agent and you can purchase the flight ticket from them.

10. Traveloka

Finally, this is the best site to find the cheapest flight in Indonesia. The site started only in October 2012 and now has become the best three travel agents in the country. I have not tried it yet but the appearance seems really promising


Happy travelling 😀



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