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Save Palestine, Save Gaza. Pray for Palestine, Pray for Gaza

Bismillahirahman nirrahim

I am writing this to the brutal Israelis who have been taking the right of many Palestinians to live and their supporters.

Before reading this please be aware that this is not subjected to my Israelis friends who have pure hearts to support the suffered Palestinians and against their government and This has nothing to do with Jewish-Muslim thing so this also is not subjected to any Jewish. I have many Jewish friends who are practicing Judaism, The Rabbi and the temple’s members. We are praying in our way for the peace between Israel and Palestine.

First of all, I believe there is no religion teaching its followers to start a war, to kill and to take others right. So, if anyone see anybody does those bad things, that means “He is NOT practicing his religion”. So STOP pointing on any religion for human action!

and as human START be aware that you are what you belongs to, people will see you based on to which family you are belong, your nationality, your religion, your education, your alumni and so on. So once you start thinking of doing bad thing, please be considered of the side effects that you will cause to what you are belongs to.

Let’s be objective

Watching what happen in Gaza recently must have broken many hearts. Of course for those who have been following the news this news isn’t an odd scene at all cause it’s been happening since looooooong time ago. But where is the justice. I know only God (Allah SWT) who can be just and save those people who have been suffered both in Israel and Palestine side. But we can always do something (at least praying), especially the worldwide country leaders. We must find the way to stop this conflict. Some people said, even the holy book says that this war will have no end till the doomsday. Still, it is not the reason to not doing anything and just watch and wait till the doomsday come. Well, we’re not then just kill ourself coz we’re gonna die anyway right? We try to survive, live healthy life. Living life to the fullest. Same thing with this conflict. We need to do our best to help them solve the conflict.

This conflict is not easy for any side (both Israel and Palestine). This is not easy for Israelis who have always been in fear and stress to find a shelter to save their life. Israel do have the Iron Dome (Read: but once you hear the rockets flying in your air, there always fear of what if the missile hit your area and kills your family and friends so again it is not easy for Israelis. And what about for Palestinians? It even worse, because they have nothing on their sky. No radar, no dome, nothing to intercept any rocket. Every inch they move to save their life can end up to be their grave yard. Sad right? Well most of us will be on Palestinians because they are HELPLESS including me. I am forever with Palestine. But, I fully realize that it is not easy to be Israelis as well, how come it is easy to see your government killing others brutally and take others right to live in their own land. Believe it or not, many Israelis agreed to share the land in the same way (based on UN 1967 border ) and believed that “Palestinian no need their (Israelis) permission to have a state” (Read:

Well.. So what is the problem?

the problem is the Israel government and its supporters country who keep occupying and taking Palestinians right. It is stupid when you scream and shout about “ANTY BULLYING” and you just let what happen in Gaza. Keep telling that Palestinians deserved the torture coz they start throwing the missile first. Come on dude, your land is illegally occupied by other country, you don’t even have enough access to clean water, medical service, good education, appropriate housings and not even having an airport?! can you live like that? OPEN YOUR EYES. Maybe you guys don’t know how hard it is to get independence of your own land. Me as Indonesian, I knew ENOUGH because my country struggled hundreds of years to be free to be an independent country. WE DON’T OCCUPY OTHERS LAND TO BE AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY WE FIGHT FOR IT. And you know what, not only Indonesia, many other countries also fight and shed their blood to be independent. So is it odd what Palestine does right now? is it wrong to fight to be free? is it wrong to fight for your future generation so they can play safely outside, get a good education, find good jobs, eat good foods and go to a good hospital when they get sick?

Call your heart people! Shame on you who still think that Palestinians deserve the suffer.

I am on Palestinian side not because I am muslim and not because I close my eyes and just agree with whatever Hammas has done to Israelis. If Hammas start the war, if they kill the innocent, if the occupy Israel, I will scream as well to save Israel to free Israel, If Israel is on Palestinian position. Sorry for Israelis who feel that the world didn’t see that they are suffering as well, sorry to Israelis mother who lose their children because of the conflict, sorry for those who lose their families and friends. We do feel the lose and the pain but I know that you also know and agree with me that the way your government called “payback” to what Palestinians fighters have done is not right and unjust. Unjust for Palestinian and for you innocent Israelis as well. Believe me, you will do exactly the same thing if you were in Palestinian position. I know you know coz you guys also fight your government’s act and called them to stop, thank you for doing that.

For the supporters of this brutal actions, have you read enough? what news are you watching? Call your heart people. Imagine what if it happens to you?
See this if you had read enough than you can comment. Well, most of you will think that I am with Palestinian because I am Muslim and they are my bothers and my sisters. The answer is it because they need us (me, you and everyone). I can be Rachel Corie for my (any religions) friends, human being, who suffer because of injustice. (Read inspirational story of Rachel Corie 23-year-old American peace activist who was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the Israeli army destroying a Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip in 2003 here:

I hope this can open all of our eyes. Call your heart please..
For my Palestinian brothers and sisters I am so sorry. All I can do is only share your sad stories to the world and pray. Laa Haula wa Laa Quwwata illa billah

You are always in our prayers
Save Palestine, Save Gaza
Pray for Palestine, Pray for Gaza
Indonesia with Palestine
Some informative sources:

About the book
And many more you can find online. We are educated people so don’t let ourself get fooled by unjust news from the full-of-interest-media.
Let be smart
Peace and Unconditional love for every human being and the world we live in

This article is written by Asmaul Husna, Lincoln, NE, United States

Source : AFP

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